Thursday, May 09, 2013

MOving forward

Progression is a funny thing....

This past year has marked a substantial shift in how I do business as an artist...most notably in the form of LESS SHOWS.
I spent a lot of years taking on every single group show that I was invited to, for a lot of reasons.  Mostly, it was to gain exposure, and it now that I have my foundation set into place, I'm focusing more on the projects that mean something to me.  That is not to diminish the importance of SOME group shows here and there, but if they are not the right fit for where I am in my career, I'm just not going to do it...this is where progression comes in.

After SO many years of nonstop grinding out work, it's funny to finally be in a place where I feel like a grownup and my work is worth something, not just monetarily, but in a philosophical sense as well.

Now that I have everyone's attention, what am I going to do with it?  My pursuit of creative endeavors have never been about money, although money IS a fortunate byproduct of successful products that I will never complain about.  What I have learned is that I want to create work that brings a positive reaction to people, if only for a second, every single day.

I've been through tough times and deal with my own demons on a regular basis, but I am always thankful for those catalysts that can mark a moment in time where everything is good.  A laugh, a smile,  an "awww"...these are all things that are human instincts that make us feel ok.   If I can provide that to total strangers with what I do, then I truly have a gift...and I want to share it.

I've gone much further than I ever expected I would with my art, and I keep paving the road ahead of me without any sign of stopping.   I'm in a fun place in my career, one where I can start to make the rules and start to become what I always wanted to be, Myself.

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