Monday, May 20, 2013


This is something that has been addressed many times by creative professionals and entrepreneurs, but it never hurts to repeat.

MOST of my day as an artist is not spent in an absinthe fueled rampage of feverishly tossing paint onto a canvas ...sorry.  MOST of my day IS filled with drudgery: writing emails, planning projects, fielding phone calls, brand management, event planning, researching and gathering materials, design work, social media promotion, prep-work, varnishing, sanding, packing, shipping...etc....and somewhere in there is drawing, painting and sculpting.

For the audience, my job is to make it look like all I do is my artwork, but the truth is that I fill every position from CEO to janitor of Chris Ryniak industries.

I have the added role of a single father, oh and I ALSO have a full-time job on top of all of this, not to mention owning a house that needs tending as well as all of the minutia that goes along with being a functioning human.

So what is the point?   well, I get a lot of comments like " I wish I was where you are in your career" from young artists.  And the simple fact is, that much like losing weight,  becoming a functioning and mildly successful ANYTHING takes work, not wishing.   Of course, this all depends what you want to accomplish, and how far you want to take it.  

The point is that next time you see your favorite artist doing really well, know that they doing a lot of work that you will never see.  

high fives and have an awesome day!

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