Q: Can I get a tattoo of your work?
A: First of all, YES! THANK YOU, it's super flattering that anyone would want to get one of my creations permanently marked onto their body! I have a few suggested guidelines...

•PLEASE go to a reputable tattoo artist! Look at their portfolio, make sure they can handle doing CLEAN and ACCURATE linework. Look for subtlety in their black and grey work, ESPECIALLY if you're getting one of my drawings done. I HAVE seen some bad ones. I want YOU to get the best work you can on YOUR body, which means you'll have to pay more for quality, but you'll be happier that you did!

•PLEASE be careful about color. I've seen a lot of weird choices made about taking a drawing and tattooing it in color. If in doubt, have the tattoo look at my other work, especially my watercolors.

•PLEASE credit me as the original artist if you post photos of the work anywhere, it's just polite, thanks!

•PLEASE send me a GOOD photo of the finished work! I love to share your dedication with my other fans! 

It's SO awesome that you want to get a tattoo of one of my designs.  Although it's not required, I've provided a way for you to support me for my work!  Click on the link below to send me a few bucks, I'll be eternally grateful!

   $35 Suggested Tip


Q: I can't find anything of yours for sale - do you have any hidden inventory I could buy?
A: No, if I have something to sell, I will post it publicly and there will be a link to it!  Otherwise, it's sold out from the retailer, and I have no more.

Q: How will I know when you have items for sale?
A: Follow me online. When items become available, I will announce the sale at least a week beforehand along with a link and purchasing instructions. You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or this blog. If you'd like to get blog updates by email, fill out the "Follow Blog By Email" box on the right hand column of the blog. I don't do surprise sales, I always announce them in advance.

Q: Do you do commission work?
A: Not at the moment.  if I decide to, I will announce it.

Q: How much are your figures?
A: It depends on the size and complexity. Original art ranges for $200 - $5000 USD.  Resin editions and toys can range from $10 -$200, usually landing somewhere in the mid range.

Q: Why don't you make more items to sell?
A: I make a LOT, but alas I am only one person. The problem for the consumer is that they sell out immediately.  It's a good problem to have for me, but not you, so I am working on more items with bigger editions at a lower price.


Q: This person on Ebay/Etsy/the internet is totally ripping you off!
A: Yeah, I know.  They do that, it's not cool, and I'm not happy about it.  I'll just keep doing what I do, but better than the copycats.

Q: Did you get my email? I haven't heard back.
A: Probably, and it's probably asking me a question that is answered here.  Unless I actually have something to offer, I won't respond.  Nothing personal, I'm super busy! HOWEVER, I will always respond to posts, questions and messages if you are a patron of mine on PATREON, click the link for more info!

Q: Can I use your art for free on my kids book/flyer/album cover? It's great exposure!
A: No, that's stealing.  If you'd REALLY like to use an image of mine that already exists, you can license it from me for a fee.

Q: What kind of clay do you use?

A: The answer is that it depends on the application.  Monster Clay,  Super Sculpey and Magic Sculpt.

Q: Where do you get the supplies you use to make your art and sculptures?
A: All over. I order some from the internet, and buy some locally.  It's taken me 20 years to learn all the things I need to make my work, and I learned it all through research and experience.  All the info is out there, so get it!

Q: May I use your photos on my blog/Pinterest/social media page?
A: Yes, but please keep my watermark intact and provide a credit and link back to me. It's just proper internet etiquette!


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I love your work! I am currently in secondary school and I was doing sculptures of the theme creatures and critters and the first thing that came to my mind was your work as they are really cute and unique far different from other artists works that I have seen so I just wanted to know what your inspiration was to create these magnificent creatures! Thank you for taking the time to read this as I know you are a very busy person! P.s( Love your work!!!)