Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It's probably common knowledge by now that 2011 was pretty terrible for me.  I've never in my life wanted a year to go away more that last year.  I LIKE's an awesome commodity...except last year...2011 can eat it.

Most notably, 2011 brought an end of my 13 year marriage, a relationship that began some 19 years ago.  In the immortal words of a very wise Louis C.K. "No GOOD marriage ever ended in divorce, only the bad ones do." I'm going to leave it at that.

Along with becoming a statistic, I found myself having to find a new place to live.  So I bought a new house,  with a studio 10 times the size of my last one.  I'll mark this as the high point of the process.

I could go on and on about all the things I've had to adjust to, how sad I am, how difficult all of it has been, but I won't.  It sucks, it's the worst thing I've ever had to endure, period

Aside from that insanity, I managed to get work a lot of work...and I have no idea how, seeing as my brain was mush for the better part of the year.

What will follow is a list of shows and events that I attended or participated in as well as images of work that I completed, toys that I released a total random order.  Because I'm brain lazy, forgive me.

Monsters & Misfits:3-person show Takayama Japan
Imaginary Menagerie : 4 person show, OhNO!doom Chicago
Late Season: 2-person show, Stranger Factory ABQ NM
Dragon Con 2011
Designer Con 2011
and probably a WHOLE bunch of other things I forgot...again, brain mush.

Posting my drawings was new for me last year. I managed to post well over 100 original new drawings.

2102...well, it's going better than last year already.  Lots of new toys and merch coming out, less shows, but more accessible stuff in bigger editions!  Stay tuned


Jeff Soto said...

Great work man, hang in there my friend! 2012 is bound to be better! Let me know if you're out here on the west coast any time soon...

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for 2012 already being a better year! Awesome for having obtained a larger studio! EWWW for all the rest of the garbage that happened in the year that shall not be named. I (erm..) patiently waiting to see more nifty (and cute) little creatures from you soon!

trista said...


I send you love.

And your work this last year was DOPE. As always.

Eiko82 said...

Sorry to hear 2011 was so rough on you. So I wish you all the best in 2012.

Looking forward to seeing your new work. I always love seeing Crumbeaters and Bubbleguts :)

homegrizown said...

sorry to hear this chris. it was great finally meeting you at dragon con. your work is great and your a super nice guy. always reason to keep your chin up and i'm sure 2012 and beyond will be amazing for you

Caerphilly said...

Wishing you a better 2012! I can't wait to see more work!!

krakit said...

Thanks for blessing us last
year even though 2011 wasn't
a blessing to you.

Bubblegut makes me smile :D

sketchbookjack said...

Wow, your work is incredible. I love the paint and sculptural detail. Congrats on all the work and shows. Can't wait to see more :)